first middle and last name: olive grace mckenna.
birthdate and age: august 17, 1986 and 28
occupation: restaurant/food critic and owner of taste this blog

who does your family consist of? how many siblings do you have? my father is patrick mckenna, owner and head chef of the twisted shamrock restaurant. my mom, sierra mckenna, chose to be a stay at home mom, taking care of my younger siblings and i. my younger sister, alannah, is 26 and my brother devon is only 22. i have always felt a huge responsibility to take care of them and protect them, and i like to think i set a good example for them as we grew up.

what kind of pets do you have? an adorable doggy dog that i rescued named sherlock holmes

which hawthorn neighborhood do you live in? hawthorn square

do you live alone? just me and holmes

what is your idea of perfect happiness? early morning in the middle of nowhere, preferably on a beach, rising with the sun. clear mind, clear day, full heart, solitude. alternatively, wrapped up in the people that i love, laughing and eating. many of my favorite memories consist of my family and i sitting around a giant table with a shit-ton of food in front of us.

what is your relationship like with your parents? my mom has always been there for me and i love her more than i can say, but i am definitely a daddy’s girl. my father taught me everything i really know and love about the kitchen, as well as about the back end of the restaurant business. he is the voice i hear encouraging me to do anything, overcome any obstacle, follow my dreams. he is definitely who i call when i need anything, but i am also determined not to simply live in his shadow or re-trace his footsteps. i want my own path, and so sometimes we butt heads about things.

what does your ideal weekend or day off look like? i am lucky enough to love what i do, so even on my days off i find myself opting to try out new recipes or get thoughts out on something for an article or interview. i also really love sleeping, and usually take naps when i have a chance. lounging around binge watching netflix is where you can find me, though i usually get restless enough to at least go for a jog. i also don't pass up the opportunity to get out and hang with friends or meet new people.

what do you regret most about your time in high school? hm. i guess i could have rebelled more. i played things pretty by the book and had a blast, but i suppose there would have been a thrill in throwing caution to the wind more often.

what word or words do you overuse the most? i say ‘legit’ too much. and ‘honestly…’ or ‘i know, right?’ which is something I picked up in nyc. i also have a real potty mouth, the kitchen is full of cuss words, so i have had to learn how to filter that.

what fictional character do you most relate to and why? is it cute or pathetic that my first thought was disney's ratatouille?

how would you like to die? i can’t say i would like to die, but as i assume with most people, i would prefer to go peacefully and/or quickly. if it has to be something painful, then i want it to be over the top ridiculous and dramatic so that i at least go out with a bang. ultimately, i just don’t want to be alone.

ooc blurb: olive is naive, in many ways that she does not realize. she has grown up with a supportive, happy, wealthy family, and all of the issues that they have ever come upon have been handled quietly or swept under the rug completely. she has only lost one person who was close to her, and so her experience with death is limited. her experience with love is limited as well; while she had a few boyfriends in high school, her most serious boyfriend was in college, lasting for almost four years before their break up, and she has been single since. nevertheless, she loves her life and has an overall care-free attitude, and always finds a way to uplift people and make them see the sliver lining in almost any situation. her lack of love life does not stifle her at all, and she is constantly building friendships and looking for new adventures. since her blog is so popular she is now doing reviews all across the U.S., which has allowed her an opportunity to travel more than she's ever expected to. something that olive does not share with people is the fact that she has been diagnosed with epilepsy since she was 12 years old and has found a cocktail of medications that have kept her from seizing for some time. she also accredits her lack of seizures to the fact that she is very careful about she puts into her own body as well as her cooking.

olive grace mckenna.